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AngAng is located at about 3,500 m asl.  Of the 27 households here, eight offer Himalayan Homestays. The village lies above the larger village of Temisgam that is known for its 14th-century fort. Temisgam Fort served as one of the capitals of Ladakh in the 15th century, under the rule of Graspa-Bum. It is one of Ladakh’s important pilgrimage sites. Though most of the fortress is now in ruins, three temples are still in use. The Red Temple is a two-storeyed structure housing a fine 8m high image of Maitreya Buddha. Another temple houses a famous statue of Avalokiteshwara (Bodhisattva of Compassion) that is believed to have divine origins, brought here from Assam. Ang’s main crops are wheat and barley with a few pea and vegetable crops. Most of the agricultural produce is organic. Residents also practice animal husbandry for milk and wool, while donkeys, dzos and mules are common beasts of burden.

Homestay Operators

There are 8 Himalayan Homestays in Ang Village.

      1. Spalchen pa
      2. Mane pa
      3. Dukpa khangbu
      4. Chaan pa
      5. Dangzos pa
      6. Changpapa
      7. Abdal pa
      8. Choray pa

Suggested Activities/Highlights

  • Apricot Blossoms
  • Monastery
  • Wildlife