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FAQ : Himalayan Homestay

What is Himalayan Homestay?


What is a homestay?

Simply put, a homestay type accommodation is when a guest pays money to a local family to stay and live with them during their stay. This gives a chance to live among the local people and share cultural experiences. Guests will be able to experience the best the local people has to offer, such as food, language, tourist destinations and other great tips straight from the people who know them the best.

Who are the hosts?

The Hosts in Himalayan Homestays are local community people in their villages. The hosts are not only there to rent out a room, but a family to provide valuable assistance for the guests during their stay.

How does it help the homestay family?

The booking fee goes directly to the homestay family. It provides them additional source of income

What is Snow Leopard Conservancy’s role in it?

How is the business managed?

What will I get in a Himalayan Homestay?


Do you provide food?

The Himalayan Homestay booking fee include, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Tea. Traditional Ladakhi meals cooked hygienically using eco friendly methods.

What kind of food will be available?

The food at the Himalayan homestays is simple Indian cuisine like roti, vegetables, lentils and rice. The hosts also offer Ladakhi cuisine to guests. Should you have any special dietary preference, you will need to inform the family. Given the remoteness of some of the destinations, your host will try their best to accommodate your preferences – if not we request guest to support families in their endeavour to serve you as resources as available.

Is it safe?

Yes. However, we suggest tourist acclimatise themselves in Leh for couple of days before heading to the Himalayan Homestay.

What if it rains, snows?

You hosts will try to ensure your stay despite the weather conditions is comfortable. There are are the local firewood heaters usually set up in the main kitchen are or in the guest rooms.

Is the water safe to drink?

The water in Homestays are boiled spring water.

Are there toilets available in Homestay?

Yes, most of them have the Ladakhi dry compost toilets that are environmental friendly. There are clean and hygienic.

Is it child friendly?

Absolutely. Lot of our homestay families have children, grandchildren.

Is internet access available?

None of the Homestays have Internet or Wifi. Most of our hosts live in remote villages with little to no network. BSNL is the only network that works in certain parts.

Can I charge my phone, camera and others?

All of our homestays have charging point and electricity. You can charge your phones, cameras and any other equipment.

What happens if there is an emergency?

It’s best to ask your host to help you with the local available support system and ensure you travel back to Leh immediately.

Do I need any permits?

Indian tourists do not require permits to Sham, Rong or Zanskar Valley. However, if you wish to visit some of the lakes in Changthang, inner-line permits are compulsory.

For Foreign tourists, its important to check with the local administrative offices. Permits are also easily issued with support from travel/tour operators or directly from the District Comissioner (DC) office.

What essential documents do I need to bring with me?

Please carry your booking voucher to show the homestays when you arrive. We advice you to carry an official ID with you at all times to be on the safer side.

How does one reach the homestay site?

Himalayan Homestays was designed for Trekkers when it started. There is a trekking route to all our Homestays. However, with developing infrastructure in this region, most of our homestays are accessible by road.

I don’t trek, can I still visit the homestays?

Of course. You can still visit our homestays by road. There are bus connectivity to lot of our Homestays and you can also access by hiring local taxi.

How to book a Himalayan Homestay?


How much does the homestay cost?

Himalayan Homestay cost Rs.1100 per person. Rs.1000 goes directly to the Homestay families. Rs.100 is booking charge.

What does the price include?

The price includes a room for your stay, Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Ladakhi’s like drinking tea. You will be served different varieties of Tea. For extra meals, please pay Rs. 50/- per meal per person.

Additional wildlife/environmental fee in certain villages, locally collected

Can I reschedule or cancel my booking?

What is the cancellation policy?

Is there maximum or minimum number of people per homestay?

Do I have to book in advance?

The Homestays concept combined with the magnetism of Ladakh and Zanskar ensure a steady flow of visitors, especially during peak season(June – September), so it’s best to book your Homestay well in advance.

How do I pay for the homestay?

Should I print receipt/voucher to show the homestay?

Please print the voucher of your booking confirmation. Since we have lot of Homestays in each village, its good to show the voucher to be sure.

Is there any extra fee that I have to pay on top of the homestay fee?

There is no additional fee on top of the fee that you pay while booking.

Can I visit without a booking confirmation/voucher

How to prepare for the trip?


When is the right time to visit?


What should I bring on the trip?


What will be the highest altitude?


What kind of clothing and other accessories should I carry?


How to Acclimatize?

Cancellation Policy


If it becomes necessary to cancel your tour, you must notify Himalayan Homestay immediately in writing. Once we receive your notice, cancellation will take effect. Please note that the following charges will apply on cancellation:

If cancellation takes place more than 30 days prior to booking date,

Full booking fee will be returned*

If cancellation takes place less than 10 days prior to booking date,

No cash refund or 100% of booking fee will be forfeited.

*Please note refund will be processed within 7-10 working days from the date of cancellation. In case of refund there will be a deduction of 4% (bank charges) from the total fee you have paid.

If you wish to cancel your booking, please e-mail us on Cancellation requests are not taken over phone.

Rescheduling Policy


If for some unforeseen reasons, a guest wishes to reschedule his/her booking to a future date, a rescheduling fee is charged as mentioned below:

  • If the request of rescheduling is received ahead of 10 days or more, 5% of booking fee will be charged for rescheduling. Please note that rescheduling will be subject to availability of homestay.
  • If the request of rescheduling is received within 10 days or less, no rescheduling will be allowed to the guest.

Booking conditions


All bookings are subject to availability of space at Homestay. We book space on a 100% advance only. All payments by wire transfer to Bank Account details/pay link.

How to Book

    1. Goto Booking Page
    2. Choose your destination village and fill the details
    3. Submit the form
    4. We will get back to you within 24hrs with payment link
    5. Pay for your Homestay
    6. You will receive booking confirmation mail with voucher
    7. Enjoy your Homestay!

Responsible Travel


We believe that along with the privilege of adventure in the Himalayan range comes a serious responsibility, the responsibility to protect and contribute to its ecology, community, cultures and its tremendous beauty. Each one of us has a responsibility towards making such positive economic, social, cultural, and environmental impact.

Responsible Tourism has never been as important and relevant as it is today. The challenge is to maintain the fine balance between amazing holiday experiences and, at the same time empowering local communities to improve quality of life and to conserve their environment so that future generations can also enjoy the same life-changing adventures as we have experienced.

We believe travelling has the power to change perceptions and we encourage travellers to get in touch with grass-roots. We choose accommodations that are family run and encourage you to becoming part of that eco-system that infuses back into the local economic cycle empowering Ladakhi to sustain their livelihood. Plus, you are not just supporting the local economy but also get to learn from the rich and true culture of Ladakh.

Above all we are committed to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts and the natural environment that we are there to experience. 80% of the fee goes back directly to the homestay.

Following these simple Do’s and Dont’s will help preserve Ladakh’s pristine environment and unique culture.

  • Avoid buying plastic mineral water bottles as much as possible. Instead, carry your own bottle and refill it with spring- or solar-boiled water where available
  • Do not leave any litter along trekking routes or campsites and carry garbage that is unavoidable back to Leh, Srinagar or Kargil for recycling
  • Don’t use plastic bags, they are banned in Ladakh
  • Keep all pollutants away from streams and lakes
  • Where available, use solar showers for bathing
  • Take special care to not disturb wildlife
  • Do not disturb breeding waterbirds on lakes and other wetlands
  • Do not drive off-road, especially near high altitude lakes like Tsokar and Tsomoriri, as this greatly harms ground-nesting birds, small mammals and reptiles
  • Respect the sanctity of holy and historical sites; take off your shoes before entering a monastery
  • Do not touch the statues or frescoes in monasteries and refrain from smoking on the premises
  • Do not use flash photography inside monasteries; the flash damages the colour of the centuries-old frescoes
  • Take home happy memories, leave only footprints behind!