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Ladakh, undoubtedly, is a unique wildlife destination, which boasts of a number of exotic animals as well as bird species roaming freely in their natural habitat. This region is home to as many as 310 species of avifauna which are inclusive of types like Golden Eagle, Lamagier, Wall creeper, Rock Bunting, Black necked crane, Himalayan Snowcock and so on.


The wild yak is found only here. Other animals include the ibex, blue sheep, bharal, docile marmot and mouse hare. The snow leopard is Ladakh's most rare animal. Another one that is unique is the kyang or the wild ass, while at lower altitudes the musk deer too is a rare sight, precious by virtue of its expensive musk. Visitors are likely to spot many marmots, mouse hares, stone martens, red foxes, wolves, ibex, bharal and shapu during the course of their journey but the habitat of the nyan (big horned sheep), chim (Tibetan antelope famed for its fleece-Shahtoosh), goa (Tibetan gazelle), lynx, pallas cat, kyang (wild ass) and  drong (wild yak) are still outside the tourists' domain.


Black necked crane, bar-headed geese, ducks and several other water birds breed near the lakes in thousands. The avid bird watcher can spend fruitful hours by observing Bactrian magpies, grey tits, chough, raven, sparrow, kite, kestrel, Turkoman rock pigeon, chukor, finches, buntings, larks, desert wheat-eaters, a many more varieties of birds. The latest survey records about 73 species of birds including both migratory and native species.